Electron Microscopy Laboratory

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Electron Microscopy Laboratory

Laboratory of Electron Microscopy is equipped with high resolution scanning electron microscope with field emission, with ion beam column, micromanipulator, SEM-EDX detector, STEM detector and EsB® detector attached.
Microscope allows for precise „in situ” preparation of biological material directly in its chamber, both in room temperature and in cryo conditions.
We provide the preparation of samples for observations in SEM and STEM,
elemental composition and distribution analysis, preparation of ultrathin sections for TEM, observations using serial block-face SEM for three-dimensional reconstruction.

Observations of biological specimens using field emission SEM

– max. resolution ~0,8 nm

Observations of biological specimens

using transmission electron microscopy STEM

– magnifications up to 2 million times
– up to 12 specimens for series

Observations of native biological material

using highly sensitive, energy-selective backscattered electron detector ESB® at normal and cryo conditions
– nano-scaled clear compositional contrast
– work below 1,5 kV allowing for selecting the desired energy of backscattered electrons

Analysis of biological specimens

by serial imaging of the surfaces revealed by gallium ion milling
– collection of serial images desired for three-dimensional reconstruction of subcellular features

Analysis of elemental composition and distribution

within the biological specimens using energy-dispersive
X-ray spectrometer
TEM lamella preparations using focused ion beam and micromanipulations
– „in situ” preparation of ultrathin sections for TEM observations with thickness below 30 nm


microscope with ion beam Auriga 60, Zeiss

Ultramicrotome EM UC7, Leica
Cryo chamber FC7, Leica
Automatic contrasting device EM AC20, Leica
High vacuum sputter EM ACE600, Leica
Tissue processor EM TP, Leica

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