Flow Cytometry Laboratory

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Flow Cytometry Laboratory

The aim of the Flow Cytometry Laboratory is to provide access to state of the art equipment as well asknowledge allowing its proper use.

We work with biological material in security level 2.

  • Cells sorting
  • Sample acquisition
  • Sample preparation:
    – Immunophenotyping
    – Viability assays
    – Proliferation and cell cycle assays
    – Mitochondria and ROS assays
    – Transcription factor and signalling molecules staining
    – Cytokine expression assays
  • Assistance in design of flow cytometry experiments
  • Establishment of new flow cytometry protocols
  • Performance of flow cytometry experiments
  • Access to FACS analysers.
  • Flow cytometer BD LSR Fortessa (20 parameters simultaneous analysis)
  • Flow cytometer BD FACS Canto II (10 parameters simultaneous analysis)
  • Flow cytometer BD FACS Calibur (6 parameters simultaneous analysis)
  • Sorter BD FASC Aria Fusion (16 parameters simultaneous analysis, 4 populations sort).
  • Sorter is equipped with biosafety cabinet protecting operator from aerosol exposure, what allows S2 samples sorting

Sales  Department
Tel: +48 71 720 16 45
e-mail: laboratoria@eitplus.pl

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