Histology Laboratory

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Histology Laboratory

The laboratory is equipped with instruments enabling complex preparation of microscope slides of human and animal tissue and organs, and performs a variety of histological staining.

Fast preparation and analysis of large amounts of samples from humans and animals

  • paraffin processing and embedding of fixed samples
  • paraffin block sectioning and cryostat sectioning of frozen samples
  • preparation and complex analysis of haematoxylin and eosin (H&E) stained slides and other routine stainings including immunofluorescence
  • laser microdissection for protein, DNA, RNA analysis from tissue sections or cells
  • sample preparation from hard tissues (bones, teeth)
  • Laser microdissection system Leica LMD 7000
  • Vacuum infiltration processor VIP 6 SAKURA
  • Tissue embedding console system TEC 5 SAKURA
  • Automated slide stainer PRISMA SAKURA
  • Automated glass coverslipper SAKURA
  • Rotary microtome AutoSection SAKURA
  • Histology slides prepration set
  • Microtom with cryostat CRYO 3 SAKURA
  • Vibratome
  • Microscope with color camera
  • Incubators

Contact us:

Laboratory Process Coordinator

Anna Kolbe-Panek, PhD

email: anna.kolbe-panek@eitplus.pl

mobile: +48 502 397 298

phone: +48 71 734 71 07


Paweł Paszkowski

Customer Service

Paweł Paszkowski

mobile: 727 663 380


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