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About Us


Wrocław Research Centre EIT + is a research and development organization focused on the development of new technologies by conducting research for the needs and in cooperation with the industry. In order to fulfil this role, the WRC EIT + combines the features of an enterprise and a research institute whose aim is to support the Polish economy through the development of new technologies and conducting interdisciplinary scientific research.

Science for Business is our mission, which is why EIT + is created by unique people for whom science has a practical dimension and serves the development of the economy. They gathered their experiences and continue to deepen them in cooperation with the best centres cooperating with the industry in the world as: Berkeley, Princeton, Fraunhofer Institute and Gent University.

We conduct research, as well as research and development projects in the areas of biotechnology, medical diagnostics, material engineering, chemistry, photonics and electronics, and nanobioengineering.

The Company’s registered office is the Pracze Campus in Wrocław. Since April 2017, the company has been subordinated to the Minister of Science and Higher Education (Journal of Laws of June 19, 2017, pos. 1164).

WHAT DOES THE NAME “Wrocław Research Centre EIT +” MEAN?

The name “Wrocław Research Centre EIT +” commemorates the efforts of the City of Wrocław for the seat of the European Institute of Technology (EIT). Finally, the institute was established in Budapest, but in response to this the city authorities together with the Wrocław scientific community have developed the program “EIT Plus: Education, scientific research, innovative economy“, Strategic development program for Wrocław and the Lower Silesia region for the years 2007 – 2013, Wrocław, September 2006


The Wrocław Research Centre EIT + is one of the largest investments in research and development in Poland. The company was established in 2007 thanks to the involvement of prof. Tadeusz Luty, five universities in Wrocław (University of Economics, Medical University, University of Life Sciences, University of Wrocław, Wrocław University of Technology), authorities of the Wrocław Commune and Marshal’s Office of the Lower Silesian Province. The aim of the project was to create a unique didactic and research environment providing a meeting place for science and business together with modern infrastructure for conducting scientific research. Although the program was regional in nature, it obtained the support of the Polish Government and funding under the Operational Program Innovative Economy (POIR).

In accordance with the adopted program, three major projects have been launched:

  • Infrastructure project entitled: “Lower Silesian Centre of Materials and Biomaterials Wrocław Research Centre EIT +” (DCMiB)
  • Research and development project entitled “Biotechnologies and advanced medical technologies” (BioMed)
  • Research and development project entitled “The use of nanotechnology in modern materials” (NanoMat)

As part of these three complementary programs, not only a network of nearly 40 fully equipped laboratories and (measurement and specialized) workrooms was created, but also application research programs were implemented, technology was transferred to industry, 56 patent applications were obtained, 338 publications were published and long-term cooperation was established with a business zone. Simultaneous conducting of research projects (initially in external units) parallel to the infrastructural project allowed a smooth continuation of scientific activity in newly built laboratories without the so-called dead time usually needed to build groups, obtain funding and build relationships.

All the activities contributed to the creation of the Wrocław Research Centre EIT + in its current form.



2003 – 2007


Development of the strategic program “EIT Plus – Education, research, innovative economy”

Establishment of the Wrocław Research Centre EIT + company by: Wrocław City Hall, Wrocław University of Technology, University of Wrocław, Medical University, University of Life Sciences, University of Economics and Marshal’s Office of the Lower Silesian Province

Signing the pre-agreements for financing the three EIT + projects (NanoMat, BioMed and DCMiB)

2007 – 2010


Start of research projects: NanoMat, BioMed

2011 – 2013


Start of construction under the DCMiB project
Starting the Accelerator project
Creation of a commercialization strategy for intellectual property
Winning prestigious awards at the fair: Brussels Innova2011
The establishment of Biobank

2014 – 2015


Creating business models of the EIT + functioning
Commercialization of research results
Effective acquisition of new projects
Completion of key projects (NanoMat, BioMed and DCMiB)

2016 – 2017


Establishment of the company’s mission: Science For Business
Further development of research teams
Building strategic relationships with business.
Effective R&D cooperation with companies from the SME sector

2016 – 2017


Campus potencial

Space for business