The DCMiB project – a partner of the Dolnośląski Gryf Business Award in the category of Innovation

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The DCMiB project – a partner of the Dolnośląski Gryf Business Award in the category of Innovation


Which of the local companies nominated for the Dolnośląski Gryf (Lower Silesian Griffin) Business Award will be selected as the most innovative? We will find out during the gala awards ceremony which will take place at the Capitol Theatre in Wroclaw on 21 October 2013. The award in the category of Innovation is granted under the patronage of the DCMiB project of the Wrocław Research Centre EIT+.

This is the second time that the Wrocław Research Centre EIT+ has extended its patronage over the Dolnośląski Gryf Business Award in the category of Innovation, which has been awarded since 2009. The award winners include such leading companies as: Clarena Polska Sp. z o.o Sp. Komandytowa, ECKERT AS Sp. z o.o. and NAVSIM Polska Sp. z o.o. The Dolnośląski Gryf was also granted to the Provincial Specialized Hospital in Wrocław.

At the official press conference held on 11 October 2013, Tomasz Gondek, Vice-President of the Board of the Wrocław Research Centre EIT+, explained the origins of that idea and the reasons why we chose the “Innovation” category.

“Being innovative is one of EIT’s main tasks, it is inherent in the Company’s mission. By setting up the interdisciplinary laboratories on the Pracze Campus , which are intended for high-tech companies and Wrocław’s scientific community, we are in fact building a modern scientific and research centre as well as creating a unique space for innovation. This is a unique space in Poland which offers the possibility of conducting research, creating a new quality of life and developing the local economy using the know-how created in Lower Silesia”, emphasized Mr Tomasz Gondek. He also added: “The category promoting innovation in fact appreciates those companies which that shape the future of our region and enhance its competitiveness among the dynamically developing global technologies. This is the key to our success, and we should therefore promote and support innovative companies.”

This year’s nominees in the category of innovation are:

1. The Institute of Power Systems Automation Ltd (Instytut Automatyki Systemów Energetycznych Sp. z o.o) from Wrocław

2. The E-Prototypy company from Wrocław which specializes in 3D scanning

3. The Mine Master sp. z o.o. from Złotoryja, a mining equipment manufacturer

The Dolnośląski Gryf Business Award has been granted for ten years to honour the most significant business achievements of the region. The award promotes the innovative and dynamic development of Lower Silesian companies, appreciates the investment commitments and recognizes the activities undertaken for the local communities. This year, the award is also granted to the best companies, local government units, institutions and organizations which build the economic and social future of Lower Silesia.

The Dolnośląski Gryf has been granted since 2004, and this year marks the tenth edition of the event. The contest is one of the most interesting economic and social initiatives of the Lower Silesia Region. The winners include renowned companies, institutions and local government units, such as the KGHM Polska Miedź S.A., Selena S.A., Toyota Motor Manufacturing Poland Sp. z o.o., BOT Elektrownia Turów S.A., Grupa Kapitałowa PCC Rokita S.A. in Brzeg Dolny, or the EMC Instytut Medyczny S.A. Candidates for the award are proposed by, inter alia, the members of the Western Chamber of Commerce, the Polska Miedź Employers’ Association, management boards of associations, unions and other organizations of Lower Silesian employers, as well as local government units and the candidates themselves.

The tenth award ceremony of the Dolnośląski Gryf will take place on 21 October during the Jubilee Concert at the Capitol Music Theatre in Wrocław. Honorary Patronage over the contest has been extended by the Voivode of Lower Silesia and the Marshal of Lower Silesia Voivodeship.

The Pracze Campus is a priority scientific and technological investment project in Wroclaw. It covers an area of 27 hectares, located 13 km away from the city centre, in the vicinity of the motorway ring road, airport and newly-constructed Euro 2012 stadium. The campus has at its disposal buildings of unique design, an area intended for new investments and a park intended for relaxation. The Pracze Campus has already become an attractive meeting place for Wroclaw’s environmental scientists, scholars from other regions and countries, who engage in joint projects. The magical charm and extraordinary potential of the place attract both global partners from the innovation and technology sectors as well as small and medium-sized enterprises.

The first stage in expanding the Campus is the investment project implemented by the Wroclaw Research Centre EIT+ in the years 2010 – 2013, with a value of EUR 140 million. This is the biggest infrastructure project in the R&D sector in Poland. It involves the construction on the Pracze Campus of a complex of laboratory buildings with a total usable area of about 20 thousand square metres. The renovated and newly-built buildings will house top-class laboratories equipped with modern apparatus, unique in Poland, for carrying out basic and applied research in line with the highest standards.

Additionally, the EIT+ will be the only centre in Poland to have at its disposal universal open space laboratories fitted with the top- class research equipment which allows the research activities to be moved from a micro level to a quarter and semi-technical scale. The Campus has a conference room for over 100 people equipped with modern multimedia equipment.

The Pracze Campus, with its state-of-the-art research infrastructure and unique ambience, is meant to inspire scientists for creative work and provide the conditions for tackling creative challenges. The campus is immersed in the greenery of a park where one can enjoy the closeness to nature. It is a peaceful and quiet place which allows a moment of reflection and helps regain the strength and energy necessary for creating new technologies used in our daily life.

In accordance with the principle that the Campus should be a place to work and live in, there are plans to provide the Campus with a complete infrastructure for relaxation and active leisure which is essential after long hours of hard work.

Thanks to its highly-skilled personnel and the available laboratory area, since 2012 the EIT+ company has been able to carry out independent research projects and provide laboratory and research services ordered by outside entities. The laboratories offer research services in the field of biotechnology, advanced medical technologies and comprehensive characterization of materials, including nanomaterials.

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