Apprenticeship and internships

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Apprenticeship and internships


If you want to:

  • Get your first professional experience under the care of specialists in a safe and friendly environment
  • develop your interests in a place where two worlds – Science and Business – meet
  • get to know the specifics of the activity and test yourself in the work of the research and development organization
  • meet interesting people

oraz and if you have:

  • optimism and attitude towards finding solutions
  • creativity and ingenuity
  • conscientiousness and accuracy

We invite you to send the application!

Recruitment for apprenticeships takes place throughout the year, depending on the needs of specific departments.
Apprenticeship in the PORT are free.

If you want to apprentice in the PORT  Polish Center for  Technology Development

  • Select Department/Laboratory in which you would like to apprentice.
  • Write an email to the HR Department with the question about the possibility of implementing the apprentice in the selected Department/Laboratory, indicating the period in which you would like to apprentice and attach your CV and cover letter. In the application documents, please enter the following clause: „I consent to the processing of my personal data contained in the documents I have sent, necessary for the recruitment process carried out currently or in the future by PORT Polski Ośrodek Rozwoju Technologii Sp. z o. o., ul. Stabłowicka 147, 54-066 Wrocław (in accordance with the Act of August 29, 1997 on the Protection of Personal Data (Journal of Laws of 2002 No. 101, item 926 as amended). The consent to the processing of my data also includes the processing of these data in the future, unless the purpose of their processing is changed. I declare that I am aware of the voluntary availability of my personal data and that I have been informed about the right to access my personal data and to correct it”.
  • We will contact you if we have offers in line with your preferences.

Who can become an Apprentice?

  • Graduates – an apprentice can become a person who graduated from at least high school and is not over 30 years old on the day of starting the apprenticeship. If the Apprentice during the practice celebrates his 30th birthday – the apprentice is not interrupted and the person may continue it until the end of the contract. The duration of the apprenticeship can not exceed a total of 3 months. It is possible to conclude several subsequent contracts with an apprentice if their total duration has not exceeded 3 months.
  • Students – the status of a university student is required, the apprenticeship should end at the latest on the day of defense of the diploma thesis.

In the case of obligatory student internships it is necessary to sign an Agreement/Contract on mandatory student internships between the University and the PORT. Duration is set at individual faculties/fields of study of a given university, usually from 1 to 3 months. 
In the case of non-obligatory student internships it is also necessary to sign the Agreement on non-obligatory student internships between the university in the PORT. Contact a cell that is responsible for the internships at your university. You will receive information on necessary formalities that are related to non-obligatory internships. The duration of non-obligatory internships depends on the individual arrangements between the student and the PORT.

Documents necessary to complete the internship:

  • Contract (in the case of a graduate internship, the contract is prepared by the PORT, in the case of a student internship the contract is prepared by the university)
  • Medical certificate from a occupational medicine doctor on the lack of contraindications to intenrship
  • Accident insurance (NNW)

Will you get a certificate of internship?

Yes. After the internship – at the apprentice’s request – we prepare a written certificate on the type of work performed and skills acquired during the internship.

Is the employment possible after the internship?

As a rule, the implementation of the internship does not oblige the employer to employ after its completion. However, because we focus on creative, imaginative and passionate people, deviations from this principle are not excluded J


There is also the possibility of an internship or scholarship (on terms other than the employment relationship) in PORT as part of the projects implemented in the company. Announcements about recruitment for scholarships and internships in individual projects are published on our website along with other job offers.

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