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EIT + part of the National Institute of Technology

The President of Wroclaw Rafał Dutkiewicz and Deputy Prime Minister Jarosław Gowin, Minister of Science and Higher Education, today signed an agreement in Wrocław on the takeover of shares in EIT + by the Treasury. The company is to become part of the National Institute of Technology created by the government.


The agreement concluded today, which transfers the Wrocław’s company to the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, is the effect of signing a letter of intent between the President of Wroclaw Rafał Dutkiewicz and Piotr Dardziński, under-secretary of state at the Ministry of Science and Higher Education in mid-February. It is also the result of the new state approach to innovation policy.


State as an innovator

The role of state administration is to create conditions that will favor both the creation and implementation of innovative technologies. The active attitude of the state is assumed by the Strategy for responsible development prepared by Deputy Prime Minister Morawiecki, and its expression is the idea of ​​the establishment of the National Institute of Technology. NIT is a research facility composed of the best institutes in Poland, which will focus on particularly evolutive areas, as well as on the transfer of knowledge to the economy.


After several decades of reforming research institutes with the small steps method, no radical changes in the effectiveness of their operations can be seen. After several decades of reforming research institutes with the small steps method, no radical changes in the effectiveness of their operations can be seen. Meanwhile, effective cooperation between scientists and entrepreneurs is the key to the success of modern economies, to the challenges posed by the next economic revolution described as “economy 4.0” – as explained by Jarosław Gowin during the meeting in Wrocław.


Institutes under special supervision


Ambitious goals prepared in the Strategy for Responsible Development will not be able to be fully achieved without strong support of science, therefore activities for the partnership of science and business are one of the three pillars of the new strategy implemented by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. – Jarosław Gowin assured during his speech at the Pracze Campus. – It means the necessity of changes, not only at universities, but above all in research institutes and more effective use of the potential of over 40,000. their employees – added the deputy prime minister.


The creation of NIT, however, does not mean the centralization of institutes. With its creation, a significant change in quality will take place. First of all, there will be a considerable standardization of procedures regarding infrastructure, human resources management and commercialization. Currently, many scientific institutions have various provisions regulating cooperation with entrepreneurs, which significantly impedes implementation. Secondly, there will be centres of competence, and thus grouping of institutes that conduct research in similar areas. Thanks to this, teams will be created that can handle large and complex projects. Above all, however, NIT will be responsible for the transfer of knowledge to the economy, for providing entrepreneurs with know-how, expert opinions, licenses or human resources.


EIT + a school of good practices

The Wrocław Research Centre EIT +, which was established in 2007 as a joint venture of the city of Wrocław, the Lower Silesian Province and five Wrocław universities, has one of the most modern research equipment worth PLN 0.5 billion. It is these infrastructural resources, as well as effective procedures for cooperation with external partners, that make the centre unique. Until the establishment of the National Institute of Technology, EIT + is to be a place where the best standards in the field of cooperation between the scientific community and business will be developed.


EIT+ is a pearl in the crown of Polish research institutes. Today a new phase is beginning for them. I am convinced that it will become an important element of the National Institute of Technology, which will be based on the potential of yet dispersed research institutes – said Jarosław Gowin during a press conference. He also stressed that the acquisition of shares in the company by the State Treasury is an opportunity for further development of EIT + and the city and region.

The President of Wrocław, Rafał Dutkiewicz, remarked that for such projects as EIT + there is no better owner than the State Treasury. – Innovative research and development projects need three sources of funding – these are grants for scientific research gained in competitions, money obtained from the market and public sector funds. All this will be ensured thanks to the functioning of EIT + in the structures of the National Institute of Technology – said the president. Dutkiewicz added that efforts for the state aid in the activities of EIT + have lasted for a long time – We started these efforts at the time of the previous government. Today, it was possible to implement them at a good pace – said the president.


Presentation of Polish technologies at the Hannover Messe


During the Wednesday event at the EIT + headquarters, some of the technologies developed by the academic sector were also presented, which will be presented also in the SciTech Poland zone during the International Fair of Innovative Industrial Technologies in Hanover. For the first time, Polish companies and research teams will have the opportunity to share innovative achievements and establish contacts with potential business and scientific partners:

  • Soft microrobots – driven by light and inspired by living organisms (University of Warsaw, Faculty of Physics)
  • Radiodetector – the first commercially available GEM detector (Technology Transfer Agency Techtra Sp. z o.o.)
  • Individual Tram – a system consisting of 4-5 passenger autonomous vehicles moving on a light track infrastructure (aboveground about 5 m above the ground) or using the “virtual” track on the road (Warsaw University of Technology, Department of Transport)
  • Mobile crawler robot for inspection of pipelines with an active adaptation system of the traction system (AGH University of Science and Technology)
  • Energy-saving synchronous motors with permanent magnets of direct start-up (Wrocław University of Technology)

More information about SciTech Poland:

More information about Hannover Messe 2017:

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