Chemical Synthesis

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Chemical Synthesis

Classic synthesis of compounds and synthesis using microwave reactors

Characteristics of compounds based on spectroscopic methods and measurements of their physicochemical properties

Synthesis of biologically active compounds of natural origin and their derivatives

  • Synthesis of flavonoids and chalcones and their derivatives
  • Synthesis of organic compound salts
  • Synthesis of compounds based on Suzuki reaction

Organic compounds used in molecular biology / biochemistry

  • Synthesis of fluorescent enzyme substrates (particularly of proteolytic enzymes)
  • Synthesis of enzyme inhibitors (particularly of proteolytic enzymes)
  • Synthesis of peptides with a specific sequence
  • Synthesis of fluorescent markers (e.g. fluorescein, rhodamine and cyanine colorants, diketopyrrolopyrroles)

Organic compounds used for preparing such materials as: OLED diodes, DSSC

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