Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FT-IR) Laboratory

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Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FT-IR) Laboratory

A broad range of laboratory instrumentation allows us to perform measurements of IR spectra for almost all types of samples without the need for prior preparation.

The laboratory provides commercial services and participates in research projects.

The lab implemented quality policy in accordance with PN-EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 standards.

The scope of research includes: biological samples, geological, archaeological, pharmacological substances, polymers and other materials.


• Identification of pure substances and mixtures of simple ingredients

• Determination of the purity of chemical compounds

• Control of chemical reactions

• The study of intermolecular interactions

• Analysis of the composition of the surface / cross sections (microscopic imaging using FT-IR)

• Examination of solid catalysts (adsorption)

• The study of thin films and protein solutions

  • FT-IR Nicolet 6700 Spectrometer (Thermo Scientific)
    – measurements in a range from 12,000 to 350 cm-1; DRIFTS Praying Mantis scattering adapter; Smart Proteus adapter for protein research; Smart Orbit ATR single-bounce accessory; HATR Smart ARK multi-bounce accessory; Photoacoustic PA 301 accessory; cuvettes for transmission measurements and gas cuvette (10 cm)
    -standard applications: sample measurements of hard and soft polymers, gums, powders, pastes, gels, thin films, coatings, aqueous solutions, analysis of adsorption processes, chemical reactions, determination of the secondary structure of proteins
  • PEM-IRRAS Module (Thermo Scientific)
    – 10 to 100mm adjustable length sample holder; analysis of ultra thin layers and monolayers, analysis of biomolecules, corrosion processes, analysis of adsorption processes
  • SPR100 Module for testing biological samples using surface plasmon resonance FT-SPR method (Thermo Scientific)
    – standard SF10 glass prism with flow cuvette, rotary handle for adjusting the incident NIR radiation angle within a range of 40-70 °, measured based on the wavelength shift of a the reflectivity minimum of NIR radiation, sensitivity of 4 cm-1
    – analysis of biomolecular interactions (DNA, RNA, proteins, sugars, biopolymers)
    – analysis of adsorption and desorption processes on gold
  • FT-IR Nicolet iN10 Microscope (Thermo Scientific)
    Capacity of FT-IR spectra collection for samples with a size of 5 µm, wavenumber range from 7,600 to 450 cm-1, measurements in transmission, reflectance and micro-ATR mode; quick mapping of sample surface (area of 1.2 x 1.2 mm in 4.5 minutes at spatial and spectral resolution 25 µm and 16 cm-1 respectively) in order to determine the distribution of occurrence of chemical compounds on the analysed surface; integrated digital CCD colour camera, motorized microscope stage with a shift range of 5 cm x 12 cm; Linkam FTIR600 table permitting measurements within a temperature range of -196 to + 600 °C (maximum heating rate 130 °C / min.)



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Pracownicy EIT+ fot. Lukasz Giza

Anna Stasiewicz – Head of laboratory



Anna Kolbe-Panek, PhD – Laboratory Process Coordinator


Tel: +48 71 734 71 07

Tel: +48 502 397 298

Customer Service

Paweł Paszkowski


mobile: +48 727 663 380

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