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Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FT-IR) Laboratory

The Infrared Sectroscopy Laboratory offers in the scope of its services the possibility to perform measurements of solid substances, solutions and gaseous samples. It is possible do develop and validate in the laboratory the analytical methods using spectroscopic technologies, which will fulfil the requirements of customers.

Thanks to the relevant equipment the laboratory performs physicochemical, qualitative and quantitative testing of samples of different origin, from pure substance, by plastics, to environmental samples.

The Infrared Spectroscopy Laboratory (FTIR) holds the Testing Laboratory Accreditation Certificate No. AB 1661 issued by the Polish Centre of Accreditation confirming compliance with the requirements of standard PN-EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018-02 in the scope of the accredited activities.


Developments and validation of analytical methods

Identification of clean substances and components of simple mixes
Determining of purity of chemical compounds
Control of chemical reaction progress
Quantitative analysis
Testing of intermolecular reacting
Analysis of surface/cross section composition (microscopic imaging with the FT-IR method)
Testing of solid catalysts (adsorption processes)
Testing of thin films and protein solutions


Spectrometer FT-IR Nicolet 6700 (Thermo Scientific):

measurement in the range from 12000 to 350 cm-1;
attachments: transmission, reflective ATR (Smart Orbit, HATR Smart ARK), photoacoustic PAS (Gasera PA301), dispersing DRIFTS (Praying Mantis), liquid cells, gas cells, Smart Proteus
typical applications: sample measurements: hard and soft polymers, rubbers, powders, pastes, gels, thin films, coatings, water solutions; testing of adsorption processes, chemical reaction progressing, determining the secondary protein structure
The measurement module for testing thin coatings PEM-IRRAS (Thermo Scientific)
The measurement module SPR100 for testing biological samples with the resonant surface plasmons FT-SPR method (Thermo Scientific)
The microscope FT-IR Nicolet iN10 MX (Thermo Scientific):
the spatial resolution of 25 μm; detection of samples size 5 μm; measurement in the range from 7600 to 450 cm-1;
measurements in the transmission layout, reflection layout and micro ATR;
rapid mapping of sample surfaces (area 1.2 x 1.2 mm in 4.5 minute with sampling every 25 μm) in order to e.g. determine the distribution of appearance or the particular chemical compound on the surface of the particular sample;
an integrated coloured, digital camera CCD;
a motor driven microscope stage with movement range 5 cm x 12 cm;
the stage Linkam FTIR600 enabling measurements within temperature range from -196 do +600 °C (maximal heating speed 130 °C/ min.)


Port Polish Center for Technology Development – FT- IR Laboratory




Port Polish Center for Technology Development – FT- IR Laboratory

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