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Isotopic Laboratory

The laboratory is ready to scientific challenges requiring superior sensitivity, that can be assured by means of techniques involving radionuclides.
At this facility, there are successfully completed different services and
R&D projects related to development and validation of innovative medicines and diagnostic technologies.
We have implemented, and are developing differential proteomics technology platform based on radionuclide labelling, exhibiting unmatched sensitivity, accuracy and dynamic range of protein quantification.



  • Direct and indirect labelling of proteins and peptides in native and denatured state with radionuclidesLabelling of nucleic acids with isotopes of iodine and phosphorus
  • Differential proteomics/phosphoproteomics analysis based on electrophoretic techniques, radioisotope labelling and mass spectroscopy
  • Receptor-ligand binding study using radiolabellingRadioimmuno- and radiobiochemical assays
  • Measurements of alfa/beta/gamma radioactivityHigh resolution electronic autoradiography
  • Pharmacokinetics of radioisotope labelled substances
  • Cell culture assays with radionuclides and radioisotope labelled substances


  • Research, development and validation of innovative protein biomarkers and biomarker signatures for diagnostic use, control of therapies and therapy development with focus on cancer inflammation, neurodegenerative disorders
  • Isotopic techniques in study of protein interactions, proteins complexes and pharmacokinetic studies
  • Development of new high specific PET, SPECT radiotracers for oncology and infectious diseases
  • automatic high throughput a/b liquid scintillation & luminescence counter
  • automatic high throughput gamma counter / spectrometer g
  • systems for high resolution imaging of multifluorescent-, chemifluorescent- and radioisotope-labeled samples
  • systems for 1D and 2D electrophoresis and blotting of proteins and nucleic acids
  • cell culture systems
  • liquid chromatography systems (FPLC, HPLC)

Wojciech Woźny – Laboratory Manager

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Posted by abachmatiuk, Posted on 10.02.2016