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Microbiology Laboratory

Our Core Microbiology facility provides internal and external services to scientists and commercial entities. We offer a wide range of services, ranging from food and environmental microbiology, through the analysis of antimicrobial activity, including anti-biofilm, drugs and medical devices, and ending with the production of bacterial cellulose. We have extensive experience not only in working with the use of normative methods, but also in creating non-standard research systems reflecting the client’s needs. We are part of the research complex of the Łukasiewicz Research Network – PORT of the Polish Center for Technology Development with the most modern research equipment, we are able to take up any microbiological challenge that you set before us.

  • The assessment of microorganism susceptibility in the planktonic form and biofilm to standard use and experimental antimicrobial means (antibiotics, antiseptics, peptides, plant derived active substances and synthetic ones) – with normative and experimental methods.
  • Microbiological purity assessment of supplied samples (medicines, medical products, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, environmental samples and others).
  • Surface antimicrobial properties assessment.
  • Surface colonization assessment.
  • Preparation of samples for analysis and microorganism identification with the MALDI-TOF-MS method.
  • Testing of microbiological sterility with the direct culture method acc. to FP.
  • Assaying the number of microorganisms (bacteria and mycete) in samples.
  • Assessment of microorganism drug susceptibility.
  • Assessment of interactions between microorganisms.
  • Sample lyophilizing.
  • Assessment of anti-biofilm effectiveness of active dressing, antiseptics and other products using the Biofilm Oriented Antiseptic Test (B.O.A.T.) method and Antibiofilm Dressing Activity Measurement (A.D.A.M.).
  • Assessment of anti-microorganism anti-biofilm activeness of volatile compounds.
  • Assessment of anti-microorganism activeness of products in specific reaction environments (exudate, blood, urine, etc.).
  • Works with obligatory anaerobe microorganisms – selected assaying upon consulting the customer.
  • Isolation and identification of pathogens and non-pathogenic microorganisms from food, environmental and other samples.
  • Production of agar media with nonstandard composition according to the Customer demand
  • Assessment of material ability to sequestration of pathogens.
  • Assaying of properties selected by the customer and features of the microorganisms cultured in flow conditions.
  • Production and purification of bacterial cellulose.
  • Coating of medical samples with bacterial cellulose.
  • Creating of experimental systems reflecting customer demand and analysis of the received results.
  • Laminar flow cabinets SCANLAF MARS
  • Incubation shakers HT Multitron PRO
  • Centrifuge Eppendorf 5424R – 5820R
  • ThermoMixers C Eppendorf
  • Lyophilizer Labconco FreeZone
  • Ultra-low temperature freezer (-80°C) Binder
  • Incubators- including CO2 Binder incubators
  • pH-meters, analysis weighing scales
  • Spiral plater – Eddy Jet IUL
  • MEDIAJET system
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Posted by Sieć Badawcza Łukasiewicz - PORT Polski Ośrodek Rozwoju Technologii, Posted on 29.12.2020