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Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Laboratory (NMR)

The Laboratory is prepared for cooperation with companies, enterprises and scientific teams in the scope of performing the NMR measurements. It offers qualitative and quantitative analysis, also including spectrum analysis and expert consultations during interpretation of the results.

Thanks to the equipment comprising three spectrometers with diverse configuration (through wide band probes, sample changers, attachment for solid body even to a cryoprobe) it conducts testing in solutions and performs experiments in a solid body, homogenates, in possible wide temperature range, with application of various measurement technologies.

The Laboratory features the implemented management system in compliance with standard PN-EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018-02.


Measurements using the NMR

  • identification of molecular and macromolecular substances in solutions, homogenates and solid body,
  • determining of chemical compound structure – chiefly organic, coordinative and bio particles,
  • qualitative and quantitative determining of organic compounds,
  • observation of dynamic particle transformations,
  • following the reaction progress,
  • variable temperature measurements
  • proteomics: determining of protein structure, determining of reacting between proteins and small particles,
  • metabolomic profiling,
  • pharmacology: identification and purity of active pharmaceutical substances.


The accredited methods at the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Laboratory (NMR)

  • Identification with the nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectrometry methods on the basis of PB-NMR-01
  • Organic compound content, range: (10.00 – 100.00) %, The nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectrometry methods on the basis of PB-NMR-02

Subject of testing

  • PB-NMR-01 – Chemicals: organic substances in solid and liquid form
  • PB-NMR-02 – Chemicals: organic substances in solid and liquid form soluble in organic solvents or in water


The Scope of accreditation of the Testing Laboratory No. AB 1661.

Spectrometer NMR Avance III HD 500 MHz (Bruker)

cross section measurements in solutions, changer for 60 samples, provided with probes: BBI and BBO

Spectrometer NMR Avance III HD 600 MHz (Bruker)

measurements in solutions (changer for 16 samples) as well as in a solid body and homogenates, provided with probes: BBFO, CP MAS 1.3 and 3.2 mm and HR MAS 4 mm

Spectrometer NMR Avance III HD 700 MHz (Bruker)

measurements in solutions using a cryoprobe QCI, changer for 24 samples, additionally provided with probes: BBO, TXI (P and N) All the spectrometers are provided with attachments for variable temperature measurements. The Laboratory has a dedicated room for sample storage.

Janusz Skonieczny, PhD. – Laboratory manager

Elżbieta Myśliborska, PhD. – Process Engineer

Adam Ząbek, PhD. Eng. – Process Engineer

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