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Mayor of Wroclaw on the role of Pracze Campus #laczynaswroclaw

Increasing the number of people in work, increasing the number and diversity of companies, and above all creating an open ecosystem for detached and not always orderly thinking, is, according to the Mayor of Wrocław Rafal Dutkiewicz the goal, to which Wroclaw Research Center EIT+ must strive.

Rafal Dutkiewicz on the portal has emphasized that Pracze Campus of the Wrocław Research Centre EIT+ must become much more international. And announced that center of Pracze is waiting for development because only such an attitude will help to create here a genuine space for innovation.

A simple consequence of the increase in the number of people working there will be the launch of a shuttle rail link to the main train station (associated with the need to purchase a special railcar), which shall greatly approach EIT+ Campus to the city center. – writes the Mayor of Wrocław. – I mean, however, more serious consequences, for the first of increment in employment (and employers, because small and medium-sized private companies haveto start operating there), has allowed the establishment of: nursery, kindergarten, bar, restaurant, tennis court, gym … Creating the meeting places. – he explains.

The strength of this place is supposed to be Humanitarium acting on Pracze Campus.
– It’s all about getting closer the EIT+ to the youngest of Wrocław. Awakening of its curiosity (of the young Wrocław) associated with the natural sciences, but in such a way that first participating in carrying out a physical experiment, to be able then, walking around the “Garden of Science and Technology”, to see one of the true discoverers of this world. – he explains.
This is necessary and the next stage for the Wrocław Research Center EIT+.
And we are also aware of this fact!

The full post of the Mayor of Wrocław, Rafał Dutkiewicz is available on the website

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Posted by , Posted on 07.10.2015