Accelerator – Spin-OFF companies

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Accelerator – Spin-OFF companies


Polish Center for Technology Development is the largest research and development centre of the RTO type in Poland, aimed at integrating the scientific community with business, incubating innovative projects, creating start-ups and developing international connections. PORT has already created 14 technology companies and 4 profitable exits from the investment. All the companies were created as part of the “Accelerator EIT+  for innovative companies with a hybrid industry profile” launched since 2009.

Who can take part in the project?

We are looking for ideas for technological start-ups acting at the interface of at least two of the following areas: nanotechnologies, new materials, biotechnologies and advanced medical technologies, alternative renewable energy, and communication and information technologies.

Why such hybrid solutions?

We believe that it is at the crossroads of various scientific disciplines that the most interesting and potentially the most profitable solutions come to being. In addition, our centre specializes in these fields. Thanks to this approach, we can provide support for our ideas in the form of access to modern research infrastructure.

What can start-ups count on working with PORT?

  • for co-financing up to EUR 200,000 , in return for which PORT takes up shares in the company (however, no more than 49%)
  • for locating its company in the Pracze Campus and for access to the most modern laboratory infrastructure in Poland
  • for consultancy, business support and substantive help of business plan specialists
  • for support in organizational matters, such as establishing a company and ongoing monitoring of its activities
  • for help in finding investors for subsequent financing rounds
  • for the opportunity to present themselves to the expert panel during Pitching Day organized as part of the Start-up Conference: Wroclaw on May 25 this year

How to submit your idea?

To get support, go through several stages. The first is to fill in the Application Form and the Declaration of Non-Linkage and send them to the following address:
At the beginning, every originator presents an idea, a goal, a phase of advancement, as well as a team that works on it.

About the Accelerator project

The aim of the project “Accelerator EIT + for innovative companies with a hybrid industry profile” is to identify the originators of innovative technological solutions and to encourage them to start and develop business based on unique know-how and/or patents through the establishment and recapitalization of start-up companies.


Who are we looking for?

We are looking for Innovation Nests – teams or people with the ability to generate innovative ideas in a “continuous” way, willing to participate in the process of developing innovative technologies and those interested in achieving market success. We pay attention not only to specialist scientific knowledge, but also to business experience and the hitherto achievements of originators.


Why are we looking for Innovation Nests, and not for individual innovation ideas?

Our approach is based on the conviction that a single innovative idea in certain circumstances may prove to be unattractive on the market or in technology. What is needed then is its fundamental modification or completely new solution, which the company will begin to implement on the market. The potential to generate new ideas also increases the likelihood that the company will develop further products that will feed its portfolio and increase revenues.


What projects interest us?

We are looking for ideas based on at least two of the following areas:

  • NANO: nanotechnology and new materials
  • BIO: biotechnology and advanced medical technologies
  • ENERGY: alternative renewable energy
  • ICT: information and communication technologies

We believe that the combination of various scientific disciplines often yield the most interesting and the most profitable solutions.


What do we offer and on what terms do we cooperate?

Originators who apply to us can count on:

  • recapitalization of up to EUR 200,000 per one established company (such limitation of the amount results from EU regulations and the de minimis rule)
  • majority share in the company being created – in exchange for the financial contribution of PORT – can not cover more than 49% of shares
  • support in organizational matters, such as establishing a company and ongoing monitoring of its activities
  • business support and consulting
  • for help in finding investors for subsequent financing rounds and customers

The companies recapitalized by us can count on the possibility of locating their activities in the Pracze Campus, and this means at the same time, among others:

  • access to excellent and modern laboratory infrastructure
  • the possibility of direct and convenient commissioning of measurements and analyses
  • the possibility of using laboratory spaces
  • access to reception services and functional social facilities
  • the possibility of renting office space and conference rooms


What do we require?

It is necessary for the Originators to bring intangible and legal assets into the company, as well as minimal financial involvement. The Accelerator project was financed under the Innovative Economy Program, measure 3.1 “Initiating innovative activity”.


Our Investments

Lipid Systems Sp. z o. o., Wrocław

The company’s goal is to conduct research and development work in the field of pharmaceutical nanotechnology. The first venture on which the team of the Company works is to develop a new generic oncology drug form.

In July 2015, the shares in the company were sold.


Simply User Sp. z o. o., Kraków

As part of the investment, a professional laboratory specializing in ergonomic and marketing research and projects (interfaces, interactive products, advertising products) will be created based on neuropsychological research.

The offer of Simply User Sp. z o. o. is addressed to companies interested in effective marketing strategy design and management.


Numed Sp. z. o. o., Ciechanów

As part of the business of Numed Sp. z. o. innovative device intended for the diagnosis of secondary caries and endodontic tests in dentistry will be established. The device is based on non-invasive and completely harmless technology of bioharmonic measurements, which is a development of bioimpedance measurement technology that has been successfully used in medical diagnostics. The device being built will have a significant advantage over the only methods available for the diagnosis of secondary caries so far, i.e. the “good eye” of the specialist and x-ray photographs. In addition, it will be able to replace the classic (linear) bioimpedance devices used in the endodontics, exceeding them with its possibilities. In January 2013, shares in Numed Sp. o.o. were sold to the WS Investments fund.


Ekoinwentyka Sp. z o. o., Ruda Śląska

The activity carried out by the Company consists in the development and implementation of innovative, economically and ecologically attractive technological solutions for the industry and the environmental protection market, in particular in the field of biodegradation of volatile organic compounds. The business model of the Company assumes providing comprehensive services in the field of design, scale relocation and correct exploitation of industrial bioreactors, optimization of reactors working in the industry, possibility of developing assumptions and technological design of the process of bio-purification of gases in three-phase reactors for the selected installation, and selection and adaptation of microorganisms to the selected pollutant.


Nanovectors Sp. z o. o., Wrocław

The essence of the undertaking is the development and the commercialization of effective nanovector protections of various materials against counterfeiting. Nanovectors can be relatively easily introduced as a filler to paper, ink, printer toner, glasses, plastics and even liquids. Thus, nanovectors can be used as a protection for most of documents (banknotes, securities, public documents, passports, tickets), while protecting brand products (bottles, leather, labels), works of art and antiques (paints, varnishes), as well as liquid fuels. The advantage of the technology offered by the Company in the light of the currently used protective measures with similar functionalities is the relationship between the level of security and cost.


BOSSG & EIT+ Technologies Sp. z o. o., Wrocław

Under the company’s activity, a new and unique in the world scale technology for the chemical destruction of magnetic data carriers (hard disks) will be developed. This technology will be the safest and most effective mobile method of destroying magnetic data carriers available on the market.


Incuvo Sp. z o. o., Katowice

The company’s business is to develop a network platform for creating, sharing and using multimedia content based on natural user interfaces (interaction through touch, voice, gestures). The platform developed by Incuvo will consist of a network platform and editor for creating applications. The site will allow users to download new content (free and paid), publish content (available to all or for selected people) as well as comment and rate the content created by other users. Currently, there is no middleware on the market that would allow a similar project to be carried out to the full extent. In October 2013, shares in Incuvo were sold to a group of private investors


MicroscopeIT Sp. z o. o., Wrocław

The aim of MicroscopeIT is to develop an advanced microscopic image analysis system for medical diagnostic and scientific-research units. The proposed solution will work regardless of the source of the image. In addition to dedicated algorithms and methods, it will also include self-learning algorithms, thanks to which it will be possible to create a user-dedicated method for analysing its image data. This will allow support for less advanced users when conducting advanced analytical tests. In order to reach different customer groups, the system developed by the company will be sold as client-installed software and an internet service on the image analysis server website (in the SaaS – Software as Service system).


Hybrid Glass Poland Sp. z o. o., Wrocław

The company’s business is the design, development and commercialization of hybrid glass with different properties. The properties of the hybrid glass obtained in the sol-gel process make it possible to coat various materials with it to provide them with greater strength, barrier properties, chemical resistance and other specific physical properties.


Infermedica Sp. z o. o. , Wrocław

The goal of the project is to create and commercially use a universal expert system called Doktor-Medi, acting as an assistant in the field of general medical diagnostics. The Doktor-Medi expert system would consist of three key elements: the medical knowledge base, the inference algorithm and the user interface. The system has been designed for Internet applications in the SAAS ( Software As a Service) model, thanks to which any form of system distribution is possible (websites, mobile applications, dedicated applications for desktop computers and others). In November 2013, Infermedica was recapitalized by the investor – Innovation Nest, and in January 2016, the shares were sold to the Venture Incubator fund.


Nauru Sp. z o. o.,Wrocław

The aim of the undertaking implemented within the framework of the Company’s activity is to provide analysts with a user-friendly and precise tool for visual data analysis, enabling quick assessment of experiments, analyses and selection of patterns in a large data set of the size often exceeding 100,000 lines, and the combination of these data with digital images. The target group for the solution being developed by the Company are the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, area of research and development services and scientific institutions.


InnovaLab Sp. z o. o., Kraków

The company’s goal is to develop and implement innovative technology to protect materials from forgery. The technology of marking high quality materials based on plastics is based on the production of appropriate fluorophores (fluorescent markers), which will be added to plastics in small quantities as brand markers of manufacturers of materials with specified parameters, in order to distinguish original products from possible counterfeits. Currently, technologies that provide similar functionality are available on the market, but the proposed solution is characterized by an advantage resulting from the safety/cost relation. The project is hybrid in nature because it concerns the area of nanotechnology and ICT.


Solutions4GA Sp. z o. o., Warszawa

Changes taking place in the small aviation sector in Poland and in other European Union countries create significant opportunities for the development and delivery of innovative products to the market. The subject of the Solutions4GA company’s activity is designing and delivering to the market the private label products, devices and solutions dedicated to customers from the general aviation industry. The Company’s offer is directed primarily to owners of airports and airstrips.


Offer and principles of cooperation

We offer establishing long-term relationships to create a technology company. The companies established at the pre-incubation stage will be equipped with knowledge about the business model, industry information, development strategy, human resources and organizational resources. The entity thus configured, with capital support in the form of financial resources, will be supported by owner supervision.


Services at the pre-incubation stage:

  • assessment of the value and skills of transferring knowledge on innovative research results – preparation of the assessment report along with recommendations. The process of evaluating the overall idea is indicative and serves to identify problems related to the technical and market value of the idea – it takes about 2 months
  • advisory and expert services, coaching, joint, modelling and creating new business, market research, creating financial, marketing and technology plans and strategies, valuation of know-how/patents, developing business plans related to the introduction of technology to the market.

The detailed assessment is aimed at clarifying the commercialization process and moving from the stage of creating the concept of commercialization to the stage of business development until the creation of a complete business plan related to the introduction of technology to the market.


Services related to capital entry:

  • legal services incurred in connection with the development of articles of association and the process of negotiating their content, until the company is entered into the National Court Register,
  • investment up to de minimis (200,000 €)
  • ensuring professional owner supervision

If you are interested in cooperation, please contact the coordinator of the “Accelerator” project

Anna Laskowska
Acting Head of Business Development Department
phone: +48 727 665 508

Anna Kołodyńska 
Chief Planning and Monitoring Specialist
phone: +48 71 734 72 12

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