BIOBANK PORT Polish Center for Technology Development

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BIOBANK PORT Polish Center for Technology Development

PORT Polish Center for Technology Development Biobank is one of the largest centres for collecting and storing human biological material in the country.

Polish Center for Technology Development Biobank collects and stores human biological material from both population studies and research on specific disease entities. We are open to cooperation with research centers and industry under jointly implemented research and development projects.

Biobank offer:

  • storage of biological material for research purposes,
  • providing samples of biological material for biomedical research (including blood for RNA isolation in PAX gene tubes),
  • consulting research projects taking into account the uptake of human biological material to secure samples for a wide research panel,
  • assistance in creating applications for bioethical committees and correct project documentation,
  • fractionation of nucleic acids from peripheral blood,
  • storage of the so-called back-up samples from clinical trials,
  • training in the biobanking of human biological material.


Information about the unit:

The head of Biobank is Elzbieta Gocek, PhD.  Biobank works according to the guidelines of the international OECD organization and Polish standards regarding research on human biological material. It uses a one-step information coding system. Information on biological material is stored in a specially adapted database using 2D codes. The biological material is stored at -80 and -150 Celsius degrees. The freezing system has been secured with additional emergency power supply and bottles of liquid nitrogen and CO2.



Elżbieta Gocek, PhD.
Biobank PORT Polish Center for Technology Development
ul. Stabłowicka 147, Building 3
54-066 Wrocław

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Posted by abachmatiuk, Posted on 24.05.2016