PORT technologies

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PORT technologies

In the years 2008-2015 Polish Center for Technology Development launched two interdisciplinary research projects in cooperation with research units and industrial partners from all over Poland as part of the Innovative Economy Program, namely, BioMed – Biotechnologies and advanced medical technologies and NanoMat – The use of nanotechnology in modern materials in two key areas nano- and biotechnology.

The BioMed project was a response to contemporary problems in medicine, pharmacy and material engineering and covered, among others, the following research topics: diagnostics and personalized medicine, recombinant therapeutic proteins, drug delivery systems, combating drug-resistant pathogens and stem cell therapy.
The aim of the NanoMat project was to obtain materials with new and improved properties, determine their practical applications, develop technologies for their production and use in such fields as bioimaging, photonics, material engineering and nanotechnology.

Both projects were accompanied by activities aimed at commercialization of the obtained research results, during implementation of which more than 60 inventions and technologies submitted for patent protection were created. PORT continues its scientific and research work in both these areas, while extending the scope of its competences to include specialization in the field of geology and geochemistry.

Polish Center for Technology Development performs selection of research project results, analysis and evaluation of their commercial potential, prepares a patent protection strategy and develops technology cards, containing full technology descriptions that enable their reconstruction by an independent team, as well as performs technology pricing and participates in the commercialization process of the solutions for business developed by researchers from PORT

Polish Center for Technology Development invites to cooperation, under which:

  • We offer the technologies for which we have full rights
  • We provide patent protection for developed technologies
  • We take care of proper documentation of the offered solutions, enabling their reproduction
  • We are flexible in terms of forms of cooperation and commercialization, we practice the sale of rights, licensing, creating companies and conducting joint research projects
  • We offer the opportunity to test the developed inventions
  • We provide implementation support
  • We analyse customer needs and tailor our offer to their requirements
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Posted by abachmatiuk, Posted on 07.10.2015