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Polska Wytwórnia Papierów Wartościowych S.A. begins a new project with the scientific support of Wrocław Research Centre EIT +

The project “Development of innovative technology of personalization of polycarbonate blanks of state documents” – LaserMark, obtained funding from the National Canter for Research and Development (NCBiR) under the 8th. Competition “Security and Defense.” The project implementation began in December 2016 and will last until the end of 2020. The entire project is worth nearly PLN 8 million. This sum consists of funds allocated by NCBiR and consortium members of PWPW S.A. and EIT +. Joint venture PWPW S.A. and EIT + aims to develop and implement technology for personalization of blanks of state documents in Poland, allowing for obtaining multi-color photos in high resolution on polycarbonate documents.
PWPW S.A. has been devoting large funds to research and development for years – explains Robert Malicki, the member of the Board of PWPW S.A. – New products and technological solutions are our future. For PWPW S.A. the most important is the production of documents for the needs of state administration.

Identification document personalization technologies have been developed for several decades At that time, many solutions were proposed based on various substrates, both paper and polymer, as well as various document security features. However, the master objective is to increase the level of security for identification documents, closely related to the quality of internal security of the state. This is particularly important given the current immigration and asylum policy in the EU Member States.
We should bear in mind that as the state of technology develops, forgers are improving their methods, gaining new opportunities for counterfeiting and processing of documents and identity theft. Therefore, the methods of securing the documents themselves as well as the systems in which they operate must be improved. This should be based on the use of national capabilities to the maximum extent. Therefore, an important and strategic task for our country is that modern technologies for securing identification documents are the result of Polish technical thought. Currently, in state documents, including documents in Poland, the technology of combining polycarbonate with the personalization of laser marking as the most durable and best protected is used for identification. However, currently used laser technology uses only black colour for this purpose. The aim of the consortium is to complement this technology by marking the documents with a coloured image.


The main goal of the project is to carry out research and development works aimed at developing technology for personalization of polycarbonate blanks for which EIT + is responsible, but equally important will be the creation of a demonstrator according to the concept by the industrial partner – PWPW S.A. – confirms Dr. Tomasz Baraniecki, head of the Laser Micro-processing Laboratory. – The project is also supposed to lead to a higher level of security of the most important state documents, i.e. for an example, more effectively protect the original data against counterfeiting, improve the identification of any traces of interference in the document; cause faster and easier verification of the document holder and increase the limit of unauthorized use.


During the whole period of the project implementation, the consortium headed by PWPW S.A. intends to work closely with the Ministry of the Internal Affairs and Administration, acting as the governor of the research topic. Successful implementation of the project will give a chance to introduce a new, innovative solution, significantly improving the level of protection of a wide range of state documents.

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Posted by Polski Ośrodek Rozwoju Technologii, Posted on 06.03.2017