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PPG opens Colourful Lab in Humanitarium

A new, interactive “PPG Colourful Lab” exposition was opened on Friday, 15th April 2016, in.n Humanitarium, together with inauguration of workshops on colours for children. The aim of the exposition and workshops is to bring a fascinating world of colours closer to the youngest by joining science and fun in an attractive way. The Lab and workshops came into being thanks to a close cooperation between Wroclaw Research Centre EIT+ (the owner of Humanitarium) and PPG (the world leader in paint, varnish and chemical materials production, including e.g. Dekoral paints).

Interactive “PPG Colourful Lab” enables the youngest to learn about a magic world of colours, make derivatives of colours or even create interesting pictures by using the so-called “swelling paints” prepared on-site by children. A special interactive application enables the youngest to learn how colours should be mixed thanks to visual paint mixing on a screen and painting rooms. Children also have an installation showing a colour wheel and a three-dimensional rainbow presenting refraction of light by a water droplet at their disposal.


The Lab fits in perfectly with the mission of Humanitarium, a place created not only for children, but also for adults. Invoking curiosity and understanding science laid the foundation for Humanitarium. Thanks to interactive exhibits and workshops our guests can explore the secrets of science, engaging all senses into the cognitive process. The leading idea of Humanitarium is that science does not have to be difficult and discovering its secrets through fun can become a fascinating empirical adventure.

The essence and goal of Humanitarium is to popularise science among the youngest by transmitting knowledge in an interesting and attractive way. Building a modern, well-educated society starts with the youngest generation, and investing in children’s intellectual development is a necessary condition for Poland’s innovativeness growth and future development of new technologies. I am glad that, thanks to cooperation with PPG, our youngest guests will have an opportunity to learn about a fascinating world of colours through fun – said Kamila Myrdek-Rak, Director of Humanitarium.


„Colourful Lab” is the first project realised within the framework of long-term cooperation between PPG and Humanitarium, fitting in a large-scale cooperation between PPG and Wroclaw Research Centre EIT+. Humanitarium and PPG are planning another initiatives, some of which will be realised in the second half of the year.


„The pillars of PPG’s charitable activity is investment in education and popularisation of science, as well as a close cooperation with local communities in places where we work. This is why we happily engage in such initiatives as creating new expositions in NEMO Science Museum in Amsterdam or Humanitarium in Wroclaw. We are glad that we can cooperate with this outstanding institution which is the only place of this kind in Wroclaw and one of a few such places in Poland. We hope that, thanks to “Colourful Lab” and its workshops, children will “feel the chemistry” for colours – said Grzegorz Koźmiński, Communication Manager in PPG Industries.


Andrzej Zygadło – PPG Board Member and HR Director, Krzysztof Sachs – Vice-President of Wrocaw Research Centre EIT+ and Kamila Myrdek-Rak – Director of Humanitarium, participated in the ribbon-cutting ceremony. Children from John Paul 2 Primary School in Wilczków took part in inaugural workshops.




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