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About the WIB Program


Virtual Research Institute (Polish: Wirtualny Instytut Badawczy – WIB)

The basis for actions aimed at launching the WIB program is the April 4, 2019 Act on Support for Scientific Activities from the Polish Science Fund (Journal of Laws of 6 May 2019, item 823) and the Announcements of the Minister of Science and Higher Education (Ministry of Science and Higher Education) of July 2, 2019.

According to the Announcement of the Minister of Science and Higher Education of July 2, 2019, the area of ​​scientific activity financed from the Polish Science Fund (Fundusz Polskiej Nauki) is medical biotechnology – oncology. PLN 450 million have been dedicated to finance the scientific activities in this area.

Concurrently, the Minister of Science and Higher Education informed that the managing entity for the Virtual Research Institute Program is the Łukasiewicz Research Network – PORT Polish Center for Technology Development based in Wrocław.

One of the fundamental tasks of the managing entity of WIB is to organize and conduct open bid competitions for the emergence of selected internationally competitive research teams conducting scientific activity with high potential for socio-economic applications, under the guidance of a leader with recognized scientific achievements, whose aim is to commercialize its results.

WIB funds are allocated to:

  • financing teams conducting scientific activity in a specific research area (medical biotechnology – oncology), the goal of which is to develop Intellectual Property (IP) with high commercialization potential,
  • commercialization of research teams’ results or related know-how.

When selecting research teams, the managing entity shall consider:

  • team members’ past achievements in scientific activities and the commercialization of the results;
  • potential of the research team to conduct scientific activity at word-class level;
  • the importance of the anticipated effects of the scientific activity on economic development and the state’s policy on development, including the contribution to the innovativeness of the economy;
  • commercialization potential of planned effects of the scientific activities.

According to the framework schedule for the implementation of the WIB Program, the call for proposals for funding research teams will be carried out in autumn 2019.

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Posted by mateuszrekiny, Posted on 10.10.2019