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After less than a year since the Ministry of Science and Higher Education had taken over the Wrocław Research Center EIT+, its new Board with the representatives of the ministry presented the plans and program of operations for the following months and years. But the principal change is the new name. Since today EIT+ begins the process of its name to PORT Polish Center for Technology Development.

There are four main goals ahead of the new Center: development of services, increasing the application effectiveness, internalization of staff and building an agile organization. The center will be based on innovative solutions matched with clients’ needs. Such solutions are crucial on today’s highly competitive market.

– If we want to build a research and development organization, EIT+ cannot be just the place with the most advanced equipment; it must be the place of work for people to whom the international environment is a natural working environment – emphasized Piotr Dytko, Chairman of of the Board of the Wrocław Research Center EIT+. – If we want to be a well-functioning center, than our primary goal should not be just the basic research, but first and foremost the research and development projects.

The new PORT is assigned to focus on four pillars: biotechnology, nanoengineering, commercialization and IP protection, because the development of those competencies will allow to create a center for excellence which the R&D teams around Poland will benefit from.

The world of the future will be shaped by: biotechnology, nanoengineering and computer science. We have chosen two of those three areas because of our competencies – stated Piotr Dytko. – Apart from this, we also want to develop the most deficient competencies in Poland concerning research and development – intellectual property protection and commercialization abilities. The whole state suffers from those shortages – because of them the biggest richness of this country is leaking like a sieve.

Time for new challenges

The meeting was also attended by Piotr Dardziński, undersecretary of state at the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, who stressed that it is not a beginning, but an end of a certain process, because the Wrocław Research Center EIT+ went through a period of restructuring and now it’s time for the new challenges for that institution.

– The functioning of the Wrocław Research Center EIT+, its trials and tribulations remind me of the history of building the city and port of Gdynia in the inter-war period – pointed out Piotr Dardziński. – No one believed that this ambitious goal is likely to be actualized. No one believed that in such a short period of time it is possible to create a flourishing port competing with other cities by the Baltic Sea. Gdynia achieved it and it has become the Polish window to the World. I am certain that the new Wrocław institution is going to repeat that success. Exactly thanks to the ambitious goals and the people not forgetting about dreams while keeping both feet on the ground.

New opening and new name

The meeting called „The New Opening” was also an occasion to present the company’s new name. The symbolic restarting of an antique clock started a new stage for the Wrocław Research Center EIT+, which today becomes the Polish Center for Technology Development.

The event gathered among others: Piotr Dardziński, undersecretary of state at the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, prof. Adam Jezierski Ph.D. – President of the University of Wrocław, prof. Cezary Madryas Sc.D. Eng. – President of the Wrocław University of Science and Technology, prof. Adam Grehl – Deputy Mayor of Wrocław, as well as the representatives of The National Centre for Research and Development. Also dr George Jackowski, the president and managing partner of the Trans Atlantic Biosciences Corp, was invited to participate in this event – a leading biochemist, specializing in the circulatory system diseases, co-founder of over 30 companies in the biotech industry, creator of over 180 patents with experience in commercialization in Canada and The United States.

Recording from the press conference:

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Posted by Bartosz Solarewicz, Posted on 05.06.2018