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First call for proposals for applicable Research & Development extended

Following the great interest in  1st Call for Proposals for Applicable Research & Development Projects in Life Sciences Wrocław Research Centre EIT+ has extended the deadline to apply to the call until Friday 29th June 2012.

1st Call for Proposals for projects in the Life Sciences with emphasis in novel research and potential drug (and biopharmaceutical) development in the fields of CNS; Autoimmune Diseases; Cancer; Cardiology; Endocrinology; Diabetes as well as Diagnostics and Medical Devices. In addition, applications in agriculture with relation to human health are also welcomed.
Applicants are expected to develop market-driven solutions for products, technology-based services or methods which have strong worldwide market potential.

Application form (DOWNLOAD FILE)

For further information please visit:

Contact person:

Maciej Wierzbicki, PhD
Intelectual Property and Scientific Promotion Coordinator

Life Science Department, Wroclaw Research Centre EIT+ Ltd.
Stablowicka Street 147, Wroclaw 54-066, Poland
Phone: +48 71 720 16 01
Mobile: +48 510 131 946
Email address:


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