We are looking for scientists willing to create Centers of Excellence in the framework of DIOSCURI Program

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We are looking for scientists willing to create Centers of Excellence in the framework of DIOSCURI Program

The Ten Dioscuri Centers will be created at Polish scientific institutions as a result of signing an agreement between the National Science Center and the German Society of Max Planck. In the pilot edition, a maximum of three projects will be awarded, which means that three Dioscuri Centers of Excellence will be set in Poland. Each newly established Center will cooperate with the German Mentors Unit, and the financing will be provided by the National Science Center from the funds of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Republic of Poland and the Ministry of Education and Research of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Wroclaw Research Center EIT + declared its readiness to develop the Dioscuri Center in two areas:

  • Applied Life Science in Biotechnology
  • Materials and Synthesis.

This means that we can be an institution hosting outstanding research leaders who will organize their research teams and which the WRC EIT + will provide appropriate conditions for research.

Who is the competition addressed to?

Researchers will be selected in the competition announced on November 7th on the website of the National Science Center and on the Max Planck Society website.

The invitation is addressed to researchers of international renown who want to conduct innovative research in the Polish host institution and:

  • they completed their doctorate no longer than 15 years before the deadline for submitting applications,
  • they were not employed in the host institution on the basis of an employment contract during the last two years before the deadline for submission of applications,
  • they will cooperate with a partner employed by a German university or research institution.

When should I submit documents?

The applicant (PI’s principal investigator) must submit all required documents to Max-Planck-Gesellschaft in English until February 12, 2018, and the decision of the competition by the group of Max Planck Society’s international experts is scheduled for the end of 2018. We invite interested scientists to cooperate with the Wroclaw Research Center EIT + the contact person: Beata Lubicka tel. +48 502396845 email: blubicka@eitplus.pl

What is the project leader for the Dioscuri Center gaining?

If you win the Dioscuri competition, the scientific institution in which the Center will be set up will receive the equivalent of EUR 300,000 a year to be used exclusively for its activities. The project leader will receive EUR 100,000 annually. Financing is planned for a period of 5 years with the possibility of one extension for a further 5 years (on condition of positive evaluation and availability of funds).

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Autor: Klaudia Piątek, Opublikowano: 04.12.2017